Ben Simone | בן סימון

BEN SIMÔNE is a ready-to-wear brand, Based in Tel Aviv, IL. The brand aims to elevate and challenge the day-to-day urban lifestyle of young adults, creating a more diverse palette of shapes and styles. We believe much has been done in the fashion arena up until our time, we strive to learn and absorb the existing nature and channel it to our own perspective and style. We explore a more progressive way of business in the ever-changing world of fashion and now more than ever aim to connect with the people. BEN SIMÔNE was founded by the Israeli designer Tom Ben Simon.

Ben Simone Porter Bag - Moxie Tel-Aviv
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Ben Simone Ben Simone Belt - Black - Moxie Tel-Aviv
Ben Simone Ben Simone Belt - Off White - Moxie Tel-Aviv
Ben Simone Travailler Jacket - Moxie Tel-Aviv