Luc Dog Collar

₪ 169

Embrace both sides of your personality with the Luc collar. Half royal blue, half decorated with a golden bar; this collar is both classic and sophisticated. You could say it represents the duality of human experience. But most people just like symmetry. 

Inspired by a goldsmith artwork, our dog collar crafted to shape with attention to details, developed to combine utility with modern aesthetics. Features colorful sophisticated patterns and a custom hardware set, together creates a sleek and distinctive collar collection. 

Designed to adorn our furry friend's neck, easy to fasten with safe and simple stainless steel wire-gate lock.

Pair the Luc collar with the Luc leash to create a complete head-to-toe look, or mix and match to create the fashion-forward look for your furry companion. Consider both together and save on the Luc leash and collar set.

Size & Fit
Small: 0.8" (2cm)
Medium: 0.8" (2cm)
Large: 0.8" (2cm)

Small: 9" - 12.6" (23cm - 32cm)
Medium: 11.8" - 17.8" (30cm - 45cm)
Large: 15.7" - 25.5" (40cm - 65cm)
*Designed to be fully adjustable to fit on any dog's neck.