Milano V - Off White

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Composition: 70% Cotton 30% Linen 

Effortlessly elegant, the Milano V's architectural shape and defined fabric structure give it a refined silhouette. Made from a luxurious Italian Cotton-Linen blend, its breezy fit and bold shape make it simultaneously comfortable and striking. 

Linen: The ideal fibre for wear in Summer, keeping you cool and fresh in hot and humid weather. Soft, durable and flexible, the use of flax fibre dates back tens of thousands of years, and is extracted from the flax plant. Both soft and strong, linen feels cool to the touch and is easy to care for, naturally resisting dirt and stains. The hollow fibres actively cool your body temperature when it’s hot thanks to their inherent moisture-wicking properties.  

Lilia is 180cm tall and wears size S. 
Care: Machine wash cold, up to 40°c, gentle cycle. Dry flat.