Small Rectangular Tray - Grey Dots

₪ 185
Quantity: Single Tray

*Refers to the left Tray.

Rectangular-shaped trays made from colored porcelain without glaze and decorated by hand with a special glaze for multi-layered texture. The glaze ornamentation creates an interesting texture and contrast between the matt surface of the tray and the shiny decoration. The porcelain is smooth and sealed making the trays pleasant to use even without the glaze.

This product is MADE TO ORDER, please allow 2 weeks before delivery.

Dimensions: Length 26-28cm | Width 13cm 

Care and use: The trays are made from materials safe for beverages and food, they can be washed in a dishwasher, they are not suitable for use in an oven or a microwave.

Supply and Delivery: The trays come packaged in cardboard boxes with internal protective insulation.  Each tray is wrapped with bubble wrap and tissue paper.

For your information: The top side of the tray is without glaze, you can feel the smooth porcelain and the texture created from the painted decoration on the tray.  This creates an interesting texture and plays between the matt surface and the gloss design. There may be slight changes between pieces and pieces, also between the pieces and how they appear in the photograph

One-of-a-kind Pieces: Each piece made in the studio is handmade through all the creation process= from preparing the raw materials, mixing the glazes, and painting the decoration.