Terrazzo Wall Hangers Trio - Black

₪ 160
Color: Black

100% of the plastic in this product is a reincarnation of plant pots.

At Mon Terra, we collect discarded plant pots from local gardeners and nurseries. We clean, shred and mold them into useful, long-living products.

Our products are all handmade by Mon Terra, therefore each product is unique, and the manufacturing process is thus apparent in a unique way.

Taking a playful take on the traditional coat hangers, this assortment of 5 Terrazzo wall hangers can be arranged as you wish at home, it will fit perfectly in every room. 

Technical specifications:

Materials: 100% recycled polypropylene

3 different hangers*: diameter - S- 38mm, M-58mm, L-78mm, thickness- 22mm
Packed with a 5mm screw and thread. 

* Plastic dimensions may vary slightly, as the product is handmade

Our products are sturdy and designed to be long-lasting. 

To ensure longevity, keep away from direct sunlight.