YOSTER X JF Crawling Force Earrings

₪ 490

Made in collaboration with JF Curated, Oslo.

Handcrafted piece, a trembling contour line tries to mimic the shape of the ear, by it’s winding and folding line. Highlighting with a chain holding its stone.

Sitting comfortably, a bit like wearing glasses. Suitable for every ear.

Handcrafted in Tel-Aviv.

HOW TO WEAR: Insert the earring into the piercing when the earring is down and put the silicone provided on, only after you close the silicone make a round-up back and slip behind the ear.

925 Sterling silver & Lapis / 24K gold plated brass (925 sterling silver post) Moonstone

Weight: 5gr per earring

*we pick each one of the stones, therefore it can be slightly different in their shape, but unique for its own.