Moxie brings the boutique experience online, performing as a gate to local boutiques and creators in Tel-Aviv.
Inspired by the beauty and talent in the local arena, we have curated the very best collection of fashion, art and lifestyle products.

Every order is sent directly to the designers then made, packed and delivered by each from their studios to your home.

Maiyan Ben-Yona Cylinder Vase Small - Lt. Blue Orietal Print - Moxie Tel-Aviv
Mamo Mamo Pleats Shirt - Light Blue - Moxie Tel-Aviv
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Nama Monkey Tea Towel Set - Moxie Tel-Aviv
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Better in Person Pnina Silk Scarf - Moxie Tel-Aviv
NoUS Sky blue Scribble Plate - Moxie Tel-Aviv
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Moxie Playlist | Come into Bloom | Moxie Tel-Aviv

Moxie Playlist | Come into Bloom

Moxie Playlist #2 - ‘Come into Bloom’. Towards Passover, we've created a new relaxed spring holiday playlist for you to enjoy while greeting the holiday, and the new season. Happy Holiday from all of us at Moxie. 


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Moxie X Gordon Gallery | Larry Abramson | Moxie Tel-Aviv

Moxie X Gordon Gallery | Larry Abramson

'Local Stories: Artists on Display' is a new collaboration with Gordon Now gallery displaying local creation, allowing a rare view at the work process of artists. We launch the video series with renowned artist Larry Abramson and his coming pop-up exhibition on election day, focusing on the influences of 2020 on the personal space and the public one.

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Women's Day | Reflections of Femininity | Moxie Tel-Aviv

Women's Day | Reflections of Femininity

In honor of international Women's day we've asked 3 local female artists to share their perspective as women: what does it mean to be a woman from their point of view. Here is the result, reflections of femininity.

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