Yoster | יוסתר

YOSTER Jewelry, founded by designer Hila Amar, blends precision, power and emotion. The vision is to create sculptural jewelry that you can bond with, be empowered by, and one day passes forward. Yoster is a fusion of technology and craftsmanship, combining 3D printing and artisan techniques. Yoster believes that desirability and sustainability can exist in harmony. All production processes are environmentally friendly. 

Yoster Abalone Earrings - Moxie TLV
Yoster Majestic Lapis Spiral Earrings - Moxie TLV
Yoster Splash Cuff - Moxie TLV
Yoster Blue Natrix Earrings - Moxie TLV
Yoster Laguna Ring - Moxie TLV
Yoster Wave Cuff - Moxie TLV
Yoster Flow Chain Necklace - Moxie TLV
Yoster Bay Earring - Moxie TLV
Yoster Wetland Ring - Moxie TLV
Yoster Good Eyes Choker - Moxie TLV
Yoster Sunrise Choker - Moxie TLV
Yoster Hole Ring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
Hole Ring
From ₪ 395.00
    Yoster Haughty Coral Earring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
    Yoster Bird Nest Ring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
    Bird Nest Ring
    From ₪ 320.00
      Yoster Nestud Earrings - Moxie Tel-Aviv
      Nestud Earrings
      From ₪ 400.00
        Yoster Burrow Earring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
        Burrow Earring
        From ₪ 530.00
          Yoster Dangling Burrow Necklace - Moxie Tel-Aviv
          Yoster Hole Cuff - Moxie Tel-Aviv
          Hole Cuff
          From ₪ 420.00
            Yoster Drop Necklace - Moxie TLV
            Drop Necklace
            From ₪ 430.00
              Yoster Eclectic Nest Small Necklace - Moxie Tel-Aviv
              Yoster Burrow Choker - Moxie Tel-Aviv
              Burrow Choker
              From ₪ 2,480.00
                Yoster Crawling Snail Earring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                Yoster Under the Coral Bracelet - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                Yoster Carven Cuff - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                Cavern Cuff
                From ₪ 725.00
                  Yoster Eclectic Nest Large Necklace - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                  Yoster Bird Nest Bracelet - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                  Bird Nest Bracelet
                  From ₪ 1,140.00
                    Yoster Under The Coral Choker - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                    Yoster Galaxy Single Earring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                    Yoster Curves Earrings - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                    Curves Earrings
                    From ₪ 1,080.00
                      Yoster U+ Earrings - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                      Yoster 3D Climber Earring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                      Yoster Raw Bracelet - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                      Raw Bracelet
                      From ₪ 570.00
                        Yoster U Earrings - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                        Yoster Blooming Single Hoop - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                        Yoster Jade Silver Blooming Single Hoop - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                        Yoster Paranite Blooming Single Hoop - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                        Yoster Garnet Silver Blooming Single Hoop - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                        Yoster Curves L Ring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                        Curves C Ring
                        From ₪ 1,040.00
                          Yoster Curves M Ring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                          Curves B Ring
                          From ₪ 1,100.00
                            Yoster Curves S Ring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                            Curves A Ring
                            From ₪ 1,120.00
                              Yoster YOSTER X JF Dancing Helix - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                              Yoster Chain No.1 Single Earring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                              Yoster Eye ring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                              Yoster ClassiChain Earrings - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                              Yoster ClassiChain Bracelet - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                              Yoster Luna Necklace - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                              Luna Necklace
                              From ₪ 1,060.00
                                Yoster Hoop Earrings - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                                Hoop Earrings
                                From ₪ 470.00
                                • XS
                                • Small
                                • Medium
                                • Large
                                Yoster Basic Ring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
                                Basic Ring
                                From ₪ 616.00
                                • Small
                                • Medium
                                • Large