mox·​ie | noun

1: Having moxie means having enough cleverness, skill, creativity and fortitude to solve a difficult situation.

2: 'Moxie' also implies stylishness.

Local treasures for global design lovers.

MOXIE TLV is a creative studio and a consulting agency / Curated local design Shop.

MOXIE curated local design shop from Tel Aviv

1 - SHOP

MOXIE shop is a curated local online design boutique, performing as a gate to hand-picked Tel-Avivian designers from various categories. 

Inspired by the beauty and talent in the local arena, we have curated a unique collection of local treasures- design pieces from different categories, building a new channel of interaction between the creators and their consumers. 

Every order is sent directly to the designers then made, packed and delivered by each from their studios to your home.

MOXIE was formed during the Covid-19 outbreak. At the time, many local boutiques, brands and designers were facing new challenges of all kinds, not being able to properly reach their community and present their collections. 

Our goal is to be a home for the best local designers and the global fans who seek added value. 

MOXIE offers an ideal shopping experience, delivering one-of-a-kind pieces at your doorstep. Shop unique design items directly from independent small businesses and support the local community.

These days, more than ever, we shop locally. MOXIE makes it easier to support local. #supportlocaltlv. 


MOXIE Agency is a multidisciplinary collective specializing in art direction, brand identity and strategy, product design and development, content creation and web services for bold designers and original brands.

We love diving into each brand’s core and adapting our point of view to each individual story. Every brand is a whole world of values and we are here to deliver them as a clear, one-of-a-kind and approachable message to the best consumers available.

Following frequent requests from emerging designers and brands, and after years in the fashion and design industry (operating MOXIE and in previous positions), we have decided to offer what we do best as our main service: creating and supporting impactful brands.

Building MOXIE Shop meant having to face all stages of creating a brand from scratch. Our experience is at your service.

Taking an A-Z approach, we have everything a brand needs within hand’s reach, working as a set of experienced individuals, each excelling in their field - from creative direction, design and photography to brand management and strategy.

MOXIE creative agency