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Moxie People | Meet Omer Goldman


Omer Goldman, 32, director/scriptwriter/actress. I Live in Jaffa with my partner Eyal and Biggie the cat. 
The majority of projects I’m taking are TV oriented, a world I fell deeply in love with as an actress and quickly decided to explore from other points of view.



I’m currently working on my own series for “HOT” productions, while working as a director on several mini-series at the same time.

Essentially, I’m gaining some experience with my director’s hat on set. Seriously though, being a director wouldn't be complete without the right accessories - it’s a must have ;)



Working as a director on set requires the proper outfit - I want to be comfortable in my clothes, that’s the most important thing when you’re standing on your feet for 12 hours. Yet, it’s also important for me that the outfit would match my style, show some color/a cool print/a kind of twist - some element that reflects my personal taste.

Since women are such a minority in the local film directing industry (which is very masculine), when I initially arrived on set (in the TV series Palmach), my first instinct was to erase my feminine identity and try to minimize any attention to my looks.
As time goes by and the more projects I take, it becomes more moderate- I’m not trying to erase my style anymore.


When I dress up, I like combining contrasting elements- a short dress with some old sneakers and socks, an oversized T-shirt from Eyal’s closet (sorry babe) and jeans in a perfect cut.

As I grow older (and wiser), being comfortable in my outfit becomes more important- I don’t wear heels or tight clothes. I always prefer a more chilled approach rather than bold, effortless rather than dressed-up.


During Covid-19, I got acquainted with online shopping, until then I haven’t used that channel at all.
I feel like we should be cautious when opening that door, be selective and conscious of what we purchase - sometimes I buy when I’m bored, not out of necessity or from a genuine love of a unique item. I’m still learning the hang of it ;)


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