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לחצו למאמר בעברית

We've partnered with Gordon Now in order to promote local creation. We launch together a series of videos that connects the art-loving spectators with the most renowned artists of the local art scene. 

Gordon Now is part of the established Gordon Gallery, aimed at making fine, quality art accessible. 

As part of Moxie's agenda, we strive to deepen the acquaintance of our consumers with local creators, with their techniques, methods, thoughts, and their point of view. We seek the added value in local creation, in having the ability to know the people behind the works and products. 

Our new series enables a closer look at the work process of unique local artists represented by Gordon Gallery. These days, when visiting an art exhibition and observing artworks in real-life is limited, our new mutual project was born in order to revive the artworks even from afar, and show their initial context given by the artists.   

We visit the artists in their natural habitat- the studio, and get an inside look into their world: their work, thoughts, obstacles, intentions, the way they bring ideas to life and fulfill the potential of their creation. In this collaboration with the artists, we put together the understanding of how this extreme period in time has influenced their lives and creation. 

In the second video of the series we dive into the world of multidisciplinary artist Sharon Poliakine.

Painting, its materials and its history, especially its human contexts, drive the creation of Poliakine. 

Her paintings are often relatively large in size, hence involve in their creation process physical gestures and movements that leave their unique traces on the canvas. 

In her work, there's a constant tension between these physical gestures, that shape and define an abstract painting space, and the process of meticulous drawing using a thin paintbrush and oil colors.

After the Counting, 2008, oil on canvas, 180x210cm

Poliakine's works integrate different motives such as primroses, symbols from ancient geographic maps, the studio materials and elements from old masters paintings: Venus, war battles, horses, the Raft of the Medusa etc. These motives are present on the surface of the painting though are also implied in between the layers of the abstract painting. These allow Poliakine to address, time and time over, the inner-painting questions of line, stain, texture, composition and superimposition.

The print medium, and especially engraving, are the technical and conceptual anchors. They are the starting point of the painting action of Poliakine. 

As a printmaking artist, Poliakine investigates throughout the years the various printing techniques and their history and takes inspiration from them.  

Sharon Poliakine, Gladiolas, 2016, oil on canvas, 181x170cm

The painting action involves discovery of devices and work tools on  which stains and graphic marks are remained, preserving the painting process moments and seizing the image. In many cases, these tools evolve into objects themselves, to stand-alone creations holding the remains of the painting process and its materials.  

Sharon Poliakine, Bust, 2020, oil on canvas, 120x150cm

The new exhibition 'Lasso' will be held at Gordon Gallery, 5 Hazerem st. Tel-Aviv, starting 24.6.21.

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