no-no | נעם נוי

I am no-no is a textile brand based in Tel-Aviv. Stories, feelings and people ‬turn into colours and shapes. ‬All these are transformed into textile-based installations and digital printed silk scarves.‬ The silk scarves allow the combination of both worlds, graphic and material, ‬three and two-dimensional work come together. They create a dialogue between a designer and a customer. ‬The silk scarf becomes a raw material, transformed by the individual wearing it.

No-No Galaxy Proportions Scarf - Moxie Tel-Aviv
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No-No My Soul Dwells in Exile - Book - Moxie Tel-Aviv
No-No Islanders Scarf - Moxie Tel-Aviv
No-No Dialogue Scarf - Moxie Tel-Aviv
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Dialogue Scarf
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    No-No Gravitational Bound Scarf - Moxie Tel-Aviv
    No-No Standing Still Scarf - Moxie Tel-Aviv
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    No-No Rooted In Place Scarf - Moxie Tel-Aviv