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A selection of items from our home series photoshoot

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Tutu.B Audrey Red Wrap Shirt - Moxie Tel-Aviv
Tutu.B Fillya Black Pants - Moxie Tel-Aviv
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Fillya Black Pants
₪ 225.00 ₪ 340.00
    NoUS Lumpy Shapes Vessel - Moxie Tel-Aviv
    Only 1 left!
    Yoster Galaxy Single Earring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
    Yoster YOSTER X JF Dancing Helix - Moxie Tel-Aviv
    Yoster Curves M Ring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
    Curves B Ring
    From ₪ 1,100.00
      Yoster Curves L Ring - Moxie Tel-Aviv
      Curves C Ring
      From ₪ 1,040.00
        NoUS Flower Sticks - Moxie Tel-Aviv
        Flower Sticks
        From ₪ 250.00
          NoUS Burle Jug - Moxie Tel-Aviv
          Only 1 left!
          Burle Jug
          ₪ 650.00
            NoUS Friendly Shapes I - Moxie Tel-Aviv
            Only 1 left!
            Tutu.B Audrey Black Wrap Shirt - Moxie Tel-Aviv
            Audrey Black Wrap Shirt
            ₪ 199.00 ₪ 350.00
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