Bay Earring

₪ 980

Part stud earring, part ear cuff-hoop.
Very light on the ear hardly feels like you are wearing it. 
A new version of Burrow earring, revisited with a touch of Blue Topaz.

Part of the Resources collection - "The power of nature, like us, comes in waves".
The collection is all about finding energy sources in metal and gems.

Topaz will help you with self-control, they are excellent at balancing you out and keeping you from sliding into feelings of overload. This blue beauty will redirect your energy and reminds you that you are worthy, you are wonderful, and your voice deserves to be heard.

Sold individually, the price is for one earring only- fits Right Ear. 

Handcrafted in Tel-Aviv.
925 sterling silver, 9mm Blue Topaz London.

2.5cm/1” long.

This piece will be custom-made for your order, please allow up to 7 days prior to delivery.