Taking It Slow In Our Home Series Campaign - Moxie TLV

Taking It Slow In Our Home Series Campaign

Moxie's Photo-shoot Through the Lens Of Analog Cameras

During the second quarantine in Israel, we have decided to take our collection HOME. Inspired by the soft fabrics, the comfortable items and the pleasant colors of our designers’ collections, we were able to assemble the perfect look for every occasion and equip our home with curated design items that fill it with joy.

For Moxie's home series photo-shoot, we decided to incorporate 3 types of photography: digital stills, analog stills and video. Each photographer brings their own point of view and unique perspective of the items and the atmosphere.

The movement of going back to film photography is a rather interesting one. While the modern digital photography has increasingly changed in the past decades and each of us has a well preforming camera in our smartphone, the curiosity and interest in old photography techniques are getting even stronger. 

The added value of film photography, the distinct look every camera provides, and the fascinating process accompanied to it are irreplaceable. The slow movement we see in fashion and craft, amongst our designers, is taking place in this very decision to work with analog cameras, waiting for the product and focusing on the most unique moments based on the limited number of images available on each roll of film. 

The slow movement is growing and quickly encouraged by our community. The support of local design produced in slow methods, is one of many steps we all take for smarter consumption and towards a better future.  

Photography: Shelly Brown
Creative: The Hype
Styling: Shir Peled
Model: Souf Alon