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Moxie X Gordon Gallery | Larry Abramson

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לחצו למאמר בעברית

We've partnered with Gordon Now in order to promote local creation. We launch together a series of videos that connects the art-loving spectators with the most renowned artists of the local art scene. 

Gordon Now is part of the established Gordon Gallery, aimed at making fine, quality art accessible. 

As part of Moxie's agenda, we strive to deepen the acquaintance of our consumers with local creators, with their techniques, methods, thoughts, and their point of view. We seek the added value in local creation, in having the ability to know the people behind the works and products. 

Our new series enables a closer look at the work process of unique local artists represented by Gordon Gallery. These days, when visiting an art exhibition and observing artworks in real-life is limited, our new mutual project was born in order to revive the artworks even from afar, and show their initial context given by the artists.   

We visit the artists in their natural habitat- the studio, and get an inside look into their world: their work, thoughts, obstacles, intentions, the way they bring ideas to life and fulfill the potential of their creation. In this collaboration with the artists, we put together the understanding of how this extreme period in time has influenced their lives and creation. 

We launch our series with Larry Abramson, a well-known artist, presented in various museums around the world. 

This week (23.3.21) Abramson will hold a solo exhibition at Gordon Gallery in Tel-Aviv capturing two significant factors of 2020 and the Covid-19 outbreak: one is the personal space, where we found ourselves alone, the artists had the freedom to put all efforts into their creation. Abramson calls this part 'Gafno' (his vine, taken from the bible) as an image to home, combining local nature.
The other factor is the protests held around the country calling for a change, these were especially intense during this unusual period. Abramson sees the protesters as artists themselves when painting signs, and takes inspiration from this intriguing coulture.

 Larry Abramson: Gafno, 2020

Larry Abramson: Gafno XL, 2020

Larry Abramson: Ein Li Avir, 2021

Larry Abramson: GO, 2021

The pop-up exhibition 'GO' will take place on election day, 23.3.21 at Gordon Gallery, 5 Hazerem st. Tel-Aviv.

Click here to see more of Larry Abramson's work on Gordon Gallery's website.