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Women's Day | Reflections of Femininity

 לחצו כאן למאמר בעברית

In honor of international Women's day we've asked 3 local female artists to share their perspective as women: what does it mean to be a woman from their point of view. Here is the result, reflections of femininity. 

This day is an opportunity to celebrate women and focus on the achievements, the sacrifice and courage that were required to get to this point in time. As women ourselves at Moxie team, this matter is extra close to our hearts. 85% of Moxie's designers team are women, all lead amazing brands and creations.

1. Katerina Nevler | Sunbath Series

Katerina Nevler is a Tel-Aviv based multidisciplinary artist working with painting, paper-cutting, ceramics and wearable fashion pieces.
The overarching theme of Katerina’s work is the importance and therapeutic potential of enjoying the precious present moments to offer a peaceful time-capsule to immerse the viewer in a harmonic mental state of mind.

Katerina’s work is influenced by the Mediterranean lifestyle, with a sense of escapism spirit, accompanied by sun and sea energy.
Using mostly handmade techniques with intuitive and dreamy combinations, Katerina embraces the flows and hand signs in her art keeping her work as an ongoing exploration.

Katerina is expecting her first baby, and the importance of femininity and the female image are stronger than ever. 

This series of paintings reflect the moment of pleasure and celebrates femininity of all shades. 

2. Shir Pakman | Venus With a Ball

Shir Pakman is a Tel-Aviv based illustrator, painter and animator decomposing the boundaries between the tender world of illustration and the stiff one of 3D by using both techniques in her works.  

Shir focused on the volleyball team series in honor of international women's day. As a former volleyball player herself, Shir asks to focus on a team of women as a strong entity. One of the most vivid memories from her intense volleyball period is the mutual work with fellow team players, a true friendship with other girls that became her family and shield. This has contributed greatly to her confidence and self-esteem. 

The volleyball series is a tribute to classic Greek Roman sculptures - Venus with an apple, the three graces and the Laocoön and His Sons. The postures imply the original sculptures, while the expressed dimensions of the figures raise questions regarding the female image. Shir demonstrates in her work a strong female body on its own, not near or in contrast to men. 

3. Kate Frizalis | Are You Brave Enough?

Kate Frizalis is a Tel-Aviv based artist. Kate was born in Moscow to a family of artists. Her routes are a great inspiration to her work as well as street coulture. Kate studied art, animation, illustration and cinematography and has taken part in different fields of creation. Influenced by Tel-Aviv, she has decided to focus on her artistic side. Her art statement is abstraction, movement, path. She strives for imperfection and freedom from concepts and definitions. Kate's work is presented in various exhibitions around the world.

In this series, Kate presents some of her original artworks on paper and prints.  These works represent her thoughts raising questions regarding different aspects of women in our modern society: power, bravery, sensitivity. 

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